It’s time for Ukrainian agricultural manufacturers to think of export diversity 

Worsen of political situation between Russia and Ukraine may affect negatively dairy and confectionery. So now manufacturers who are oriented for export to Russia should diversify their product export. This was informed Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Aleksandr Sen at phone conversation with Ukrainian agrarians. The correspondent of “AgroNews” told of this.

“I don’t want to go too fast because there have been no reduction yet. Though there is a certain apprehension as at any period of tension in relations with Russian Federation. As we may see, this happens cyclic. It is more important for our manufacturers who sell to Russia to speak of diversity of export”, claimed Aleksandr Sen.

There is no “slump” yet at products export. Because, upon the Deputy, Russia “does not just make a favor to Ukraine and accepts its products”.

Thus, Russians consume actively Ukrainian agricultural products, so it is necessary there for sure. Though Aleksandr Sen mentioned that the most vulnerable groups of goods are in dairy and, to a reasonable extend, confectionery. This situation may affect poultry export.

Source Agronews