The first agricultural census in Ukraine may take place

Former Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine advised Igor Shvayka to realize the first all-Ukrainian agricultural census as soon as possible. Upon them without its result state agrarian policy will be more and more misrepresented from year to year.

“There is a law on agricultural census which was admitted and put in the file. All the Ministers were afraid of realizing the law on the first agricultural census. That’s why now we do not know what happens in villages. If we do not realize agricultural census now, we will stray more and more in the matters of areas, strategy and tactics”, mentioned former minister Sergey Ryzhuk.

According to him, now working out and forecasting of social and economic development of agrarian sector are based on old knowledge, and this misrepresents situation reasonably. Meanwhile, both Ministry and its departments “do not really know what happens in villages”.

Former ministers and Minister Igor Shvayka supported their colleague’s opinion and underlined the importance of the quickest census realization.

Note that the first all-Ukrainian agricultural census was planned to be held in 2014. The result of agricultural census will be used at forming state policy on economic and social development of Ukraine, in particular while analyzing state and structure of agriculture and for informational provision of management and forecasting of social and economic development of agrarian sector, working out and realization of state agrarian policy both at central and regional levels.

Source Agronews