"Ukrzaliznitsya" increases volume of grain transferring

As of April 1 “Ukrzaliznitsya” (UZ) shipped 6,88 mln tons of cereals cargo (107,4 thousand grain carriages) that is 1,54 mln tons more than during analogous period of last year, when they shipped 5,34 mln tons (83,6 thousand grain carriers), informs press-service of the office.

They say in UZ that daily loading made up 76,4 thousand tons of grain, 6,37 mln tons of them came to ports (export) (near 1,7 mln tons more than for corresponding period of 2013). They sent 511 thousand tons for inner market (661 thousand tons last year).

Earlier they informed that rail-way workers are busy with efficient usage of cereals carriers and increasing of their number in account of intensified repair of deficit rolling stocks.

Working park of cargo carriages daily busy in cereals transferring in March 2014 made up 12,96 thousand carriages that is 3,26 thousand carriages more than busy with transferring in March 2013. Such number of carriages is enough for transferring 40 mln tons of cereals cargo.

Source Delo