InvestTradeService is an active participant of Ukrainian factoring market. We propose our clients wide scale of financial products that meet high international standards.

Factoring mechanism covers refinancing of bill receivable. Thus our clients have possibility of assignment of accounts receivable in exchange for immediate receipt of its part. The rest of it our client gets after debtor-company liability payment. 

Factoring today is an actual and claimed service. Many companies implement this mechanism to their contractors’ accounts increasing turnover and minimizing risks related to payment delay. 

Factoring advantages:

  • Circulating capital financing possibility without pledge forming;
  • Accounts receivable transformation into solid cash;
  • Cash break liquidation;
  • Cash assets turnover speeding-up;
  • Possibility to provide purchaser more profitable accounts conditions;
  • Increase of sales volume and profitability;
  • Decrease of risks related to payment delay.