InvestTradeService Company due to its perfect reputation in customs and related State bodies provides customs and broker’s service of high quality. Using modern informational technology, full technical equipment and market awareness we realize customs clearance with the guarantee of operative and qualitative liabilities execution.

High qualification and big experience of our customs brokers allow us to organize qualitative customs entry of cargo and operative passing of all the stages of customs clearance. 

InvestTradeService provides turnkey cargo customs clearance service, goods storage at customs licensing storehouse and consulting on customs legislation in Ukraine including:

  • Consulting on customs legislation in Ukraine, forming requests to State Customs Service of Ukraine;
  • Service of customs licensing storehouse (CLS) 
  • Accreditation of client company at Kiev Regional Customs (KRC);
  • Forming preliminary notification (PN) and preliminary declaration (PD);
  • Forming goods in all regimes set in Customs Code of Ukraine (CCU);
  • Filling all shipping documentation;
  • Other if necessary work (certification, sanitary-hygienic conclusion, phytosanitary control, ecology, etc.)

In our work we orient on client’s interests and individual approach to everybody. Client orienting, operative work, confidentiality and business ethics are the basis of efficient collaboration with our clients.